Ethiopia is one of the most culturally unique countries, due to its long history and protracted years of separation from the external world. Also due to it never having been colonized by a European power. Its more than 3000 years of unbroken history has left to travellers many interesting remains which teach much about Ethiopian culture and its change through time. Especially single rock art is prevalent in the country. Examples are the Obelisks of Aksum (400ad), Rock Hewn churches of Lalibela (1200ad) and Tigray Rock Churches.

The Orthodox Christian tradition goes back to 300 A.D. undisturbed. it is truly an experience to watch one of their 12-hour plus ceremonies. Such experiences can be found all over the northern part of the country.

There are many places to hike and camp in Ethiopia and this is one country where you can really get away from power lines and coca cola and be in the wilderness. The Nile Gorge and the Simeon mountains are just 2. Endemic animal and plant species abound in Ethiopia.

The more than 80 different languages spoken throughout the country testify to the richness of the country’s culture and freedom of self-expression. Especially the Omo Valley is rich in tribes of “primitive” life style.

Ethiopia which has its own unique language characters by means of which they sufficiently and effectively express their culture also celebrates festivals and holidays following its own unique calendar. Travellers are especially recommended to visit at Timket (Ethiopian Epiphaney ) and Genna ( Ethiopian Christmas ) which fall on January 19 and January 7 of European calender each year respectively.