The Northern Route – EENT 006 (7 days and 7 nights)

The Northern Route – EENT 006 (7 days and 7 nights)


For most visitors to Ethiopia, it’s all about the north. More than anywhere else on Earth, northern Ethiopia has the ability to wow you day after day after day.
Known as the Historical Circuit, there are over two millennia’s worth of ancient treasures scattered about, from giant obelisks and hidden tombs at Aksum to a collection of castles in and around Gonder, to unique churches in Lalibela, Tigray, Lake Tana and many other places. Not to be outdone by human mastery, Mother Nature really let her creative juices flow here. The Danakil Depression, an esteemed destination among adventure travellers, features a permanent lava lake and a bright-yellow sulphuric plain, while the Simien Mountains wrinkle the land with canyons and peaks with a beauty you’ll struggle to find anywhere else in Africa.
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Day 1
Arrive Addis Abeba

Arrive at Bole international Airport (Addis Ababa) and transfer to the Hotel.

Day 2
Visit Gondar

Fly to Gondar and Visit the 17th & 18th century magnificent castles. O/n Hotel

Day 3
Simien Mountain National Park “the roof of Africa”

Drive to Simien Mountain National Park “the roof of Africa” to admire the spectacular Mountain landscape & endemic mammals. Then, drive back to Gondar. O/N – Hotel.

Day 4
Fly to Lalibela

Fly to Lalibela, famous for its remarkable 11- rock churches hand carved by King Lalibela in late 12th and early 13th century AD. O/N – Hotel.

Day 5
Visit Lalibela

Visit the three groups of rock Churches at Lalibela. O/N – Hotel.

Day 6
Visit St. Mary of Zion Church

Fly to Axum, the cradle of Ethiopian civilization and visit St. Mary of Zion church, magnificent Steles, tombs, Museum, and Queen of Sheba palace. O/N -Hotel.

Day 7
Back to Addis

Fly back to Addis and Overnight hotel.